I was a yoga virgin at 54 years old and 22 1/2 stone. I wanted to improve my flexibility and balance but was completely out of my comfort zone attending a public class. Thankfully Monica was recommended to me and as a result my life has changed. Monica has an amazing manner (and patience) she has made me totally relaxed as I attempt to get my body into yoga positions it has never tried. Even after the first session the benefits were immense my spine felt elongated and much more relaxed and my ham strings much more flexible. However, the biggest thing she has achieved is belief and confidence that I can improve my flexibility and balance – I eagerly look forward to future sessions and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone however, unfit, inflexible, sceptical you may be in just one session you will be amazed!

Mark Taylor F.C.M.A C.G.M.A


‘I have been having individual Yoga sessions twice a week with Monica for the last 7 months. She has designed lessons for me to meet my needs for relaxation as well as for practicing Asanas. She has offered a ‘check-in’ at the beginning of each session, which has helped me to settle into the opening meditation and ‘arrive’ into her beautifully tended Yoga space. I have felt completely met and supported by Monica. She has compassionately encouraged me to find my edges,always offering cushions, blankets, and blocks where needed. I have been nourished emotionally, spiritually and physically by my lessons with Monica and have deeply valued her care and attention.’


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