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Hello, my name is Monica. I'm a yoga teacher based in Totnes, Devon.

Yoga entered my life about 30 years ago, at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in London. I first went along out of curiosity, but from the outset I was hooked, I could feel instinctively that this practice, which I knew very little about, was so much more than stretches and headstands! Yoga has been a part of my life, on and off, ever since. It has given me more physical strength and stamina, as well as deep relaxation, it has also given me peace of mind, and acted as an anchor, keeping me tethered to my Self, enabling me to weather the storms of life with clarity and calm. If I can pass this on to others then my blessings will be tenfold.
In 2014 I enrolled onto a 200hr teacher training with Still Flowing Yoga, a training which combined Buddhist Mindfulness & Loving Kindness techniques with hatha yoga. I still felt I wanted to deepen my knowledge so, in 2015, I began a 500hr teacher training with the Devon School of Yoga, a holistic hatha yoga course, where we were encouraged to explore our own unique journey with yoga.
My particular style is vinyasa flow, (vinyasa: to place mindfully), co-ordinating body, mind and breath to mindfully flow through posture sequences to find our natural, internal alignment and flow between Earth & Cosmos.

I have recently completed a 50hr Yin Yoga teacher training with the Swara Yoga School.....a yoga practice that works directly with the 'yin' tissues of the body, the bones, joints, ligaments & tendons...a deeply restorative, meditative practice, that allows us time to explore our own internal landscape, and to listen deeply into our own mind chatter, gaining greater understanding of ourselves both physically and mentally.
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